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In the words of authority......

/...The text is presented so sui generis, "collection", the rule is not external similarity of its elements, but the internal compliance ideii who joins them. For they are your own tool in the quest of truth. "Actually, on which side of the window there is our world?" asks the author and do not give answers to this question. Content is the core belief that we exist was between "two parties". Let s move "between light and shadow", which marked the boundaries are blurred in the not fully explored the area, which is the reality. The nature of reality defies rational definition, however, sometimes reveals itself in art. In addition to the logic and pattern of all systems. The search for Mrs Mary Mazur are reminiscent of classic questions about the nature and existence of "things in themselves", however lofty it sounds. .../

dr Ewa Herniczek
Interfaculty Department of Art Theory Historiii ASP Krakow fragment recenzji Pracy Dyplomowej M. Mazur: "Mój pamiętnik droga poszukiwań w malarstwie"

Tradition that had been....

Maria Mazur-Cichy

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, the Jan Matejko in Krakow (2001 - 2006). In the years 2005 to 2006 took place scholarship in the field of painting, mosaics, drawing on Belas Artes in Oporto (Portugal). In 2006 she received her master degree from the Faculty of Painting in the Professor Adam Wsiołkowski s studio and annex f photography in the Professor Zbigniew Łagocki studio. In 2007 she graduated from the Pedagogical Studies at his alma mater. The following year she won a certificate in the field of decoupage, graduated from the stained glass - MIU in Łódź. Now runs his own the studio.


Solo Exhibitions

2007 - painting, photography, gallery "Upstairs", Kobiór
2007 - painting, photography, Byvaly augustiniansky cluster Sternberg in the Czech Republic
2007 - painting, photography, Little Theatre, Tychy
2010 - „MISTERIUM ŚWIATŁA”- malarstwo i witraż, galeria ”Na piętrze”, Kobiór
2013 - wystawa malarstwa i witrażu, Dom Kultury w Katowice - Bogucice


2003 - photo gallery of Camelot, Kraków
2004-photo gallery "Lamelli", Kraków
2004 - exhibition of landscape paintings, "Kobiór the winter scenery", gallery "On the floor", Kobiór
2005-photo gallery "Lamelli", Cracow
2007 -painting, gallery Solvay, Krakow
2007 - Exhibition of landscape paintings, "Miezinarodni vytvarny ", Czech Republic
2008 - "Mystery of beauty", Byvaly augustiniansky cluster Sternberg in the Czech Republic
2008 - "About people", photography, Sternberg in the Czech Republic
2009 - exhibition landscape paintings "Railway platform of art", Kobiór
2009 - exhibition of landscape paintings, Sajoszentpetr Hungary
2012 – exhibition of landscape paintings, Kobiór